Help Needed President?

By: Kennedy Sweeney

Do you think you know what a president does, or have you ever had an interest to be the president?

If so you have you should stick around and also keep reading because you might just be the perfect president for our nation. Let's Find Out!

In order to be president you must:

  • be 35 or older
  • live in the United States for at least 14 years
  • native - born American citizens

As president your responsibilities are:

  • Chief Executive - in charge of 15 cabinets, and rule of force that does not have to be approved by congress
  • Chief Diplomat - directs foreign policy, and makes an executive agreement with the foreign leaders also not approved by congress
  • Legislative leader - veto power, must sign bill into law, has a legislative program which has a legislative agenda that is given to congress in the state of union address
  • Party Leader - leader of political party, selects the party's national chairperson, and helps raise money and funds for the party
  • Economic Leader - deals with unemployment rates, inflation and high taxes, also plans the federal governments budget each year
  • Head of State - represents America at special occasions and ceremonies, and is a living symbol of the United States
  • Commander in-chief - has complete charge of all military and he is the only person that can order troops to go into battle

Benefits and Compensation of being President are:

  • gets payed $400,000 a year
  • free transportation in any vehicle
  • free housing with personal chefs
  • traveling is free
  • professional bodyguards
  • receives $200,000 annually, health care, official travel is paid for
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Come run for president maybe you will be the person to change the world like Kid president!