The Good Geese

All about Canadian Geese By: Lottie and Caleb

Are Canadian Geese Ubiquitous?

Do you want to know if Canadian Geese are ubiquitous animals? We can tell you if they are.

Canadian Geese are ubiquitous animals. Ubiquitous means existing or being everywhere at one time. Here are a few examples of ubiquitous animals:canadian geese,grasshoppers,cockroaches,and many more.They survive by finding things they need in their habitat.

Interesting facts about Canadian Geese

The scientifc name for Canadian Geese is Branta Canadensis. The Canadian Geese produce LOTS of poop. Baby canadian geese are born with downy feathers. Another name for baby geese is goslings. One thing canadian geese have to do is keep their feathers in good shape.