My First Race

The accident.

My First Race

Freddy Ramirez

Personal Narrative


About 5 years ago, I had a terrible accident that until this day I can’t forget about it. We were in a small town were a grew up , we had a party that day, a lot of people and cars from different places , the party was going on and after a while of eating and having fun we decided to have more fun.

So we took some of the motorcycles I had on my house, and in each motorcycle they were 2 persons, we were about to start a race. The race started I had one friend behind me , we were winning until another motorcycle got in front of us , then our tires hit their tires and we flew into the air all that I remember was landing on the floor.

It all happen so fast, I wasn’t able to control the motorcycle, I was on one side of the ground and my friend on the other he was crying of pain. He had broke his arm and the bone was sticking out, I was really nervous didn’t know what to do, some people saw the accident and came running they took him to the hospital and another men help me take the motorcycles home.

I was really scared of what could happen to me , I taught what if they call the police an di go to jail, or make me pay all the hospital costs , I got home and told my parents they help me to calm down and relax. The next day I saw my friend he was ad at me but he was ok I don’t know why he was mad at me it wasn’t my fault, after the time past I never got in any trouble cause of that accident and everything was ok . After this accident I learn to be more responsible on my acts and choices I make to have fun and be careful. And those experience help me improved my future.