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Please continue to check the Petrova Parent's Club Facebook Page and the SLCSD Facebook page for information, updates, pictures, and resources for remote learning.

"The building might be closed, but the school is still open."

Information about the 2020 Petrova Elementary Virtual Science Fair!

A Reminder from Mrs. VanWeelden-Office

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Hello! With so much information and academic packets being delivered or mailed to your home, please make sure you have an updated address and/or phone number with Mrs. VanWeelden in the office. You can also DOJO Mrs. Laba or your classroom teacher with any changes. Thank you!

The Petrova Faculty and Staff Say Hello!!!

Thank you to Miss Rachel Dalton who put this wonderful video together for Petrova students and families!
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Thank you!

The faculty and staff at Petrova Elementary would like to thank all of our students and families for all of their support and communication during this time of remote instruction/learning. We were elated to see how many families participated in the Tri-Lakes Spring Break Trifecta challenge. The staff worked collaboratively in order to create a list of activities that were flexible, while also providing instruction and activities for your student(s).

As we move forward with our remote learning, currently until at least May 15th, we want to encourage you to continue to reach out to your child's teacher, Mr. Munn or Mrs. Laba, and to give feedback about what is working and what you might need support with.

If your child is in need of a Chromebook, please call the direct school number, 518-897-1404 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday-Friday. They can help answer any questions that you may have, and also connect you with the district's food delivery process if you are in need.

Tri-Lakes Trifecta Challenge Update
Many of our students (and their families) conquered the Tri-Lakes Trifecta Challenge. Congratulations! Students who send an email to letting us know they completed the challenge qualify for a prize!

Our district Prize Patrol is busy putting together a prize sheet from which students who completed the challenge can choose their prize. The prize sheets will be sent to the email that was used to contact us at the email above. Please look for the prize sheet the week of April 27th.

Student Meals Program Changes
The district is continuing its “pantry restock” approach to distributing student meals. The bags contain breakfast and lunch items for the following week. Delivery is changing a bit to accommodate the larger bags. Instead of a single delivery, we will deliver dry goods on Thursdays and cold food delivered on Fridays.

It is our pleasure to supply breakfast and lunch for ANY family that wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Please call Ruth Pino (897-1462) to register.

Please be kind to yourselves! Just a reminder that no two families are the same, and we are each going through this process in very different ways that varies day by day. You are doing enough, and you are doing your best!

When we walk through the hallways of Petrova, we are missing our staff and students incredibly! We are so happy to see pictures of your happy faces and love to hear what you are up to. If you would like to send a picture for our slideshow or newsletter, please feel free to send them to

We can't wait to see you all again soon!

April/May Petrova Birthdays!

Happy birthday!!!!


Traci M. .

Charleise C.

Bella W.B.

Kinsley S.

Alius M.

Lucy D.

Liesl H.

Ezra G.

Jackson D.

Andrew P.

Rowan P.

Emmerich D.

Cameron H.

Zachary T.

Max B.

Ethan J.

Faith L.

Michael K.

Gabe K.

Chayse T.

Lily N.

Ashlyn S.

Layla S.

Keely V.

Leo D.

Lukas D.

Amelia E.

Jacob S.

Grace L.P.

Devyn Q.

Owen A.

Elijah B.

Mrs. MS Dalton

Ms. Wood

Mrs. Marine

Mr. Morgan

Mrs. Lawrence

Mr. Jewtraw

Miss Lautenschuetz

Mr. Peer

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Gabe M.

Jude M.

Forest L.

Jayden C.

Bryce K.

McKynlie W.

Kaydance W.

Abel W.

George R.

Camden D.

Liam R.

Gunnar H.

Chloe W.

Allison S.

Sofia K.W.

Kylie R.

Jetaya W.

Callan G.

Elias W.

Hunter P.

Forrest H.

Kane T.

Bennett B.

Allyanna C.

Justice S.

Evan H.

Landin W.

Cooper B.

Mason Q.

Adil R.

Rex P.

Jackson R.

William S.

Sebby W.

Madelynn F.

Dr. Francis

Ms. Isabella

Mrs. Rohe

Mrs. Pelletieri

Mrs. Montroy

Ms. Robison

Miss Streeter

Mrs. Yando

Mrs. Cassidy

Ms. Yousey

Petrova Thanks Our Cafeteria Staff and Transportation Department!

During this time of remote learning, the SLCSD cafeteria, support staff, and transportation department has been extremely busy preparing meals and food drop offs for members of our SLCSD family. We can't thank them enough!

The district will continue its "pantry restock" approach to distributing student meals. The bags contain lunch and breakfast items for the following week. Delivery is changing a bit to accommodate the larger bags. Instead of a single delivery, the district will deliver dry goods on Thursdays and cold food on Fridays. ANY family can take advantage of this opportunity. Please call Ruth Pino at 518-897-1462 to register for the program.

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More Packets of Remote Instruction!

Please look for two additional packets of instruction to be delivered on/about May 6th and May 27th (if we are still not back in the building.)
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Petrova is PAWSOME!

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Even while at home, we have had some nominations for some Pawsome Awards!

To Aria and Jonah Peckham for the character trait of Fairness.

They divided their outdoor playing time into 1/2 Star Wars and 1/2 Frozen to make things fair.

To Addy Foster for the character trait of Kindness.

Addy made 100 Easter cards for the residents at Elderwood who can not have visitors because of the quarantine.

For Perseverance: To Petrova 3rd Graders! The 3rd graders participated in the "Speedy Racers" STEAM Challenge. Team Shatraw is in the lead with 27 points!

For Hard Work and Determination: to the Custodial Staff at Petrova Elementary. While we are away, they continue to work hard on cleaning rooms and getting the school ready for our return. Thank you!

A Golden Apple Award to Miss Dalton for her creativity in making the staff video greeting video and the staff who participated in making a greeting.

A Golden Apple Award to Mrs. Anita Wilson for virtually reading with a student every week.

Golden Apple Awards to Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Montroy, Mrs Yando, Mrs. Everritt, Mrs. Peer, Miss Rich, Mrs. VanWeelden, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Laba, Mr. Munn, Ms. Syrup, and all others who made it possible to get the packets delivered to our Petrova students.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Tri-Lakes Trifecta Challenge!

Thank you to the SL Rotary Club for the very generous donation of books that were delivered in our last packet of instructional materials. Your donations mean so much and we appreciate your generosity!

A Note From Mrs. Cassidy!

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Dear Parents/Caregivers, May 2020

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”

As our nation responds to a pandemic we are not facing the normal stresses of life. We are facing changes that could cause trauma for our families.

Why is our mental health important?

Mental health impacts how we feel, think, and act. Our mental health affects the choices we make, how we relate to others, and how we handle stress.

How do we foster our mental health?

  • Take care of physical health (exercise and eat healthy)

  • Connect with others (through positive physical and emotional interactions)

  • Focus on the positive (practice a mindset of gratitude and notice the good even in bad circumstances)

  • Be aware of emotions and how they impact reactions (are you acting out of fear, love, stress, gratitude, sleep deprivation, or care/concern)

  • Think before you act - create space between your emotion and your reaction (walk away, take a deep breath, do something different then come back to it, write down how you are feeling before deciding what to do)

  • Identify and use positive emotional outlets (a supportive friend to talk to, a hobby you enjoy, a long walk, a hug from a family member, community resources you can access, positive self-talk)

Our behavior is motivated by our needs. At this time some of our basic needs may be threatened. We can still have control over our reactions. It’s not easy but we can do it with practice.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review.

When our needs aren’t met, it can lead to mental health issues and illness. When our basic needs (bottom of pyramid) are not met it is difficult or impossible to have our higher level needs met.

What can we do to foster mental health in our children?

  • Listen to and respect their feelings (encourage them to talk about how they feel, listen without judgement)

  • Create a positive and safe home environment (play, healthy food, physical activity, not making children deal with or be overexposed to adult issues )

  • Help build strong, caring relationships (spend time together, model positive relationships and problem solving)

  • Help children feel good about themselves (show love, acceptance, and interest in them)

  • Take care of your own mental health (like the oxygen mask on an airplane - adults first: help yourself so you can help others)

Petrova is part of the community that is here to help you meet needs. Please reach out and stay connected. We aren’t all in the same boat but we are in the same storm. Tie yourself to other boats when needed to help you through. If you are weathering this well, throw a line to others.


Tara Cassidy,

School Counselor,

Also available for any mental health needs/questions is Dr. Dave Francis.

For any behavioral support/suggestions is Mrs. Katie Laba.

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Miss Streeter

Did you know that Miss Streeter has a YouTube Channel?! Please search "Janeen Streeter" and you will see some of her wonderful instructional videos!

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Check out Mrs. Moore's incredible art site for good ideas, examples of student art, and more!

Paws Reminds Everyone To WASH YOUR HANDS!

Congratulations Ms. Doyle-Shubert and Mrs. Fobare!

The Petrova family would like to congratulate Mrs. Doyle-Shubert and Mrs. Fobare on their new additions! Everyone is healthy and we couldn't be happier to welcome their new bundles!
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Some Ideas from Mrs. Sullivan, PE.