Keeping Christ in Christmas

By:Anna Mullenax

The Truth

You may think Christmas is all about presents, colorful lights, and Santa Clause. It is, and it isn't. Christmas is also about Jesus Christ's birth and about giving to others. To learn more about the truth to Christmas read the passages below.
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Christmas is also about having fun with friends. I like Christmas because I think it brings out the best in everyone. Christmas time helps me relax even though everyone is always in a hustle and a bustle. 3 words that describe me are (words given by Sophie, Reilly, and Marina) Artistic (Marina) , cares for others and is there when I need her (Sophie), fabulous (Reilly). I'm not really sure how they came up with this stuff but it sure feels great to her it from them (thanks guys)!

Christmas cheer is for all to hear ~Elf

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