Jaguar News

Volume 1, Issue 1 - August 18th, 2017

Welcome Our New Staff Members

Help us welcome our new staff members:

Emily Alexander - Learning Specialist

Jackie Collins - Guidance

Stephanie Coyle - 8th Science

Aly Galbreath – Administrative Assistant

Stefani Jackson - Registrar

Chrissy McCormick - Special Education

Jennifer McIntyre - 6th Science

Gabe Nichols - 7th Science

Dena Rice - Reading Specialist

Jennifer Sirois - 6th Math

Carrie Sweeny - 7th ELA

TBA – Math

TBA - Instructional Assistant

Back to School Night

We hope to see you next Tuesday, August 22nd in our Back to School Night. We will begin with a general session at 6:00pm in the Gym. We will release parents to their student's Period 1 class by 6:20pm. To make your visit smoother, please check to see if you can pull up your student's schedule on Home Access or you may want to take a picture on your phone, so you know where their classes are. We will have building maps and a time schedule families can pick up when they arrive.

This is a time for you to learn about the experiences your student will have at Gentry this year. Student performance will be discussed at a later date during Parent Teacher Conferences (More info to come.)

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

I want to thank you for recognizing our drop off and pick up procedures by dropping off your students by the curve and also walking them to the building from the parking lot. Our hope is that the process will be faster once families get used to it. To accomplish this we are asking parents:

- Pull up as far as you can in front of the building to drop off your student

- Encourage your student to get off the car as soon as you are close to the building

- All students must be picked up or dropped off by the curb. If you park in the lot, escort your child to and from the car.

- Cars may begin entering the bus area at 7:20am

- Students must be in their classroom no later than 7:30am. Plan accordingly.

- Pick up your student(s) no later than 3:00pm, unless they are staying for a supervised after-school activity.

- Parents need to make arrangements with their students ahead of time for pick up. Make sure you communicate with them if they are to ride the bus or wait to be picked up. If you need to call the office to change arrangements it must be done before 2:00pm.

Let Them Be Responsible

Middle School is the perfect time for students to start taking on more responsibilities, such as being accountable for all their school materials. We understand that as parents you want to make your student's life easier, however, by not bringing their forgotten items, we allow them to grow and to be more proactive in the future. This will also help us as a school, since it is extremely difficult for us to distribute forgotten items to such a large student population.

We are asking our teachers to be graceful while our students get used to the routines of the school year. Please, partner with us while we help our students grow.


On Monday, August 21st, students will be participating in eclipse related activities during school time. It will be a fun day filled with learning and indoor/outdoor activities. Students are allowed to bring a small blanket or beach towel to sit outside.

If you would like to volunteer at school for these activities, please contact Mandy Llewellyn, PTSA President (


This year we will periodically include a segment regarding how Gentry uses both Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports or PBIS, along with Behavior Intervention Support Team or B.I.S.T. These philosophies are used to create a positive social culture and provide individualized behavioral supports needed for Gentry to have an effective learning environment for ALL students. The goals of PBIS are to: build/enhance student relationships, build a positive school climate, be proactive by preventing problem behaviors from occurring, teach and reinforce appropriate/productive behaviors thereby increasing teaching and learning time, improve staff’s ability to effectively and consistently address problem behaviors, and most importantly, help students develop productive and meaningful social skill behaviors for life.

Student Handbook

Please, follow the LINK to find the Student Handbook.

Jumpstart Day

Jumpstart day was August 14th and we welcomed almost 300 6th graders! Students participated in team building activities and had the chance to explore Gentry. It was a fun day!

Dates to Remember

August 21 - Eclipse activities

August 22 - Back to School Night

September 26 - Picture retake day

For practices and games check Gentry website!