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Real heroes don't wear capes. They teach.

Thank you.

Two words. Thank you. Simple, yet powerful...but not powerful enough, given all that you do, every day, for the students of our school community. I wish that you could fully grasp the depth of my appreciation for the work that you do in your classrooms and throughout Winskill. The incredible amount of time that the staff here put into making sure that students' needs are being met, the sleepless nights spent worrying abut a student, the "stealing" from home to bolster your classroom, the "I'll be right there!" promise made to your spouse or child as you try to finish just one last thing before you leave your classroom for the day... Non-educators don't understand what drives you: Why do you spend your own money on materials and supplies? Sacrifice your own lunch period in order to help a struggling student?Troll the internet looking for the perfect idea, project, graphic...Miss your own children's events because of the needs of a child in your classroom? Train your bladder to wait until the end of the day for release? (hey, it's reality) Why? Because you are teachers. It can't be explained, and to those of us in education, it doesn't need to be. Just know that everything you do- the long hours, the hugs, the hastily eaten lunch while standing at your desk, the "quick run to school" on a Saturday afternoon, the support you give to your colleague- those things and so much more... are all appreciated. I am honored to work with each of you, every single day. Thank you for the work that you do, for the love that you bring, the light that you shine...


Teacher Appreciation Song: A Song for Teachers - You Have Made A Difference
Thank a Teacher

I want you to know that...

*I prefer to see the good in people. I believe that we are all doing the best we can, with the very best of intentions, every day. I also know that we all have a bad day. A bad day does not make a bad life, nor does it make a bad teacher or a bad employee.

* I don't believe that respect must be earned. Every single one of us- adult or child, deserves to be respected. I do believe that respect, like trust, can be lost.

*I've got your back. I will support you in whatever way that I can.

*I am here to help. Please give me the opportunity to do so. If you have a problem or concern, come to me. I can't help if I don't know about it.

*Students are at the heart of every decision I make. I know that sometimes those decisions may make our jobs as educators more difficult and may inconvenience/frustrate us as adults, but our students are the reason we are here.

*I know that no test score will EVER define who a person is- as a learner or as a teacher.

*I get frustrated over things that are outside of my control. (testing, politics, budgets, policies % laws, pendulum swinging educational practices)

* I too lose sleep over our students- and quite often, over the adults in our building as well. I come from a long line of worriers.

*When I say that "We are better together", I believe it with 110% of my being. Education was not meant to be done in a silo- it is truly the epitome of It Takes a Village.

*I like jeans as much as the next person. And tutus. Actually, I also like tiaras,especially the really sparkly ones. Please feel free to dress as you choose this last month of school. (Tutus and tiaras are optional)

*When I ask questions, it is always from a place of learning. I want to know and understand as much as I can.

*I love my job. I am so very fortunate to love what I do and to get to come to Winskill each day.

*I appreciate the incredible work of the teachers and staff of Winskill Elementary. There's no other place quite like it. Thank you for the part YOU play in making it so special.

Looking Ahead- if you have an event to add to the calendar, please share it with me!

5/04/2015 Monday, Monday

How Does It Feel to be so POPular?- treat in the lounge #ThankATeacher

3-5 RtI Mtg- Tina's Room (AB,HM,WT,MC- Price)

Dress Like a Super Hero day #ThankATeacher

5/05/2015 Tuesday

Mezera Hospital Trip @8:30

Wear Your True Colors day #ThankATeacher

9:00 am Admin Mtg- Leah

5/06/2015 Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday- Crazy Hair and Wacky Clothing Choices #ThankATeacher

McWilliams Hospital Trip @8:30

Taco Bar Luncheon provided by the district in appreciation for all you do! #ThankATeacher

Happy Nurses' Day, Laurie Walker! #ThankANurse

Pinks and Blues due

3:30 Staff Meeting -Library

5/07/2015 Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday- notes of appreciation #ThankATeacher

Chambers Hospital Trip @8:30

5/08/2015 Friday

Hats Off to Our Teachers & Staff - wear your favorite hat! #ThankATeacher

Straka Hospital Trip @8:30

Champion Games

5/11/2015 Monday

3:30 K-2 RtI Mtg- Jodi's room (TL-Sperle;BB,JR,LW-Hinderman)

5/12/2015 Tuesday

9:00 am Admin Mtg- Leah

5/13/2015 Wednesday

3:30 PBIS Meeting-Miranda's room

3:30 Faculty Leadership Meeting- Library *If the grade level rep is unable to attend, please send someone in their place.

5/14/2015 Thursday

Second Grade to Madison Zoo

5/15/2015 Friday

First Grade Grandparents Day 12:00-1:10

5/18/2015 Monday

3-5 RtI- Tina's room (WK- Moefu; DB- Moefu; HA- Johnson)

5/19/2015 Tuesday

Kdg Circus Dress Rehearsal 4K PM @1:15

5/20/2015 Wednesday

Kdg Circus Dress Rehearsal 4K AM @8:20

5/21/2015 Thursday

Kdg Circus @ 8:30

5/22/2015 Friday

Kdg Circus @8:30

Race For Education 5K Run

5/25/2015 Monday- Memorial Day: No School

5/26/2015 Tuesday

K-2 RtI in Jodi's room (AB, CK ,BD, OW -Ralph LJ-Ingebritsen)

5/27/2015 Wednesday

District Retirement Party- information to follow

5/28/2015 Thursday

5th Grade State Travel Fair

5/29/2015 Friday

FOW Carnival

6/01/2015 Monday

3-5 RtI Tina's Room (PO, KK- Addison; SH-Enloe BK- Roesch)

6/02/2015 Tuesday

5th & 6th grade Track & Field Day

First Grade to Schreiner's Park

Mrs. Whitford's Annual Pig Kissing Ceremony with First Grade

6/03/2015 Wednesday

6/04/2015 Thursday

Last day of School