Logan's Birthday Party Is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!

The Details Are All Below, Please Read!

Where: Logan's House!

When: Friday november 22nd

What: Family Birthday Party!

For: Logan Todd Conley!

Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 10pm

7427 N Bedford Ave

Kansas City, MO

Welcome One And Welcome All!

If you can you are welcome to come over and celebrate with us!

Logan's Big B-Day Bash!

catch him if you can!

Logan is... A great student, an excellent role model, and a wonderful athlete!

When Logan runs by, he is so fast all you will think is that a sudden gust of wind lasted for one second and then stop. (That Will Be The Only Explanation.)

IF you come

When you come to Logan's Big B-Day Bash you will be given a helping hand and any assistance you need, you will also be greeted with a great big smile!