Please stop laughing at me

Author: Jodee Blanco


Jodee Blanco was a popular girl in the school Holy Ascensions but one day her friends saw her being nice to a handicapped girl. They said "If you play with her, we cant play together anymore"(Page 29). Jodee was still nice to the girl still so she stated to get picked on by the other kids so bad she had to move schools. Jodee was popular at her new school until she ruined her friends party. After that she once again got picked on a lot. So she went to another school by this time she was in high school. It was really hard for her to be happy and healthy. She had to start seeing doctors and psychiatrists because she wasn't eating right and was also hurting herself. By the time she was almost done with high school she wasn't getting picked on as bad but she was still getting bullied a little. One the last day of high school she ran out crying and never went back into the school again. When she went to the reunion many of the people she got bullied by came up to her and said that they were really sorry for what they did and Jodee forgave them.

Jodee Blanco

Jodee Blaco is a girl who takes school very seriously but she gets bullied a lot by the other kids who go to her school. She is very good at giving speeches but she is always worried about what the other kids will think " Did they like my speech or am I in for it after class"Page 14. She is an only child and lives with both of her parents.

conflict and resolution

There is actually more than one conflict in this book. The biggest conflict in this book is man vs society. This conflict is shown through out the whole book when all the kids pick on her and abuse her. The other conflict is man vs self. This can be shown when she cuts herself. "I tighten my grip on the knife and begin cutting my face.(Page 165) The solution to the conflict can be many things. One thing that was a solution was when she went on her vacation to Greece and met friends who weren't mean to her. Another is her looking forward to being in plays. And the last very important solution is her family trying to help her the whole time.


The theme of this book could be actions have consequences. I think this is the theme because the kids actions had bad consequences on Jodee. The consequences were her becoming depressed always scared of what they would do to her next and even making her think about dying.

Book Review

I think this book should get 4 stars. I think this book should get 4 stars for a couple different reasons. The first reason I think it should only get 4 stars is because it seemed really repetitive. Like whenever she moved to a different school she would do something to make the kids not like her. But I did like that she wrote the book about her life in school because it did show some of the things that still go on now.
Bullying and its effects on a child.
I think the most powerful part of the book was the end when it showed that even so many years later she was still so effected by the people that bullied her that she was scared to go into the reunion. My favorite quote is "Her husband-the the same guy years earlier used to tell me again and again that I was an ugly dog- is now flirting with me and making his cheerleader wife jealous."(Page 263). This is my favorite quote because it shows that Jodee went threw all of the bulling and she is finally getting treated nicely.

Other resources to find bulling information

Is in jodee Blancos other book "Please Stop Laughing at Us" and "Bullied Kids Speak Out"