Walter Dean Myers

What if you were blamed for something you didn't do resulting in possible death?

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"16 year old STEVE HARMON is sitting on the edge of a metal cot, head in hands. He is thin, brown skinned. On the cot next to him are the suit and tie he is to wear to court for the start of his trial" (Myers 1) Steve as known as "monster" is on trial for murder and ribbery. Steve and his attorney Kathy O'Brien plus 4 other defendants are on trial for the robbery and murder. Kathy O'Brien has know idea he is innocent but tries her best to defend him. The other defendants target Steve putting all the pressure on him and gradually Steve begins to lose courage to fight back.This suspending novel identifies the elements of peer pressure, truth and humanization. Will the jury see him as guilty or innocent?

This selection book is a great book to come out of your comfort zone and read a book in screenplay.

Students from all around are reading this book, as a result this is encourging reading.

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Walter Dean Myers author of Monster

July 1, 2014 Tuesday at 76 years old Walter Dean Myers a best-selling author of children books passes. Myers was a 3 in a row nominee for The National Book Award and received the Coretta Scott King book award for African American Fiction. Myers lived in Jersey City and visited many prisons and schools around the country. These testimonies and experiences of other people plus himself inspired Walter Myers to write. Now he has 3 books in the process of being published by other people now that he has passed.

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Facts about Walter Dean Myers

  • Walter Myers received a John New-berry Medal that was given to the association for library service to children.
  • At 17 Walter Myers began serving in the military
  • He has wrote more than 100 published books
  • Fallen angels and Monster was one of his most notable novels
  • A teacher in high school inspired him to write throughout life
  • A lot of his writing ideas came from his challenging teenage life

Monster Reveiws

Anonymous- "This is a very depressing book. It is a page turner and at some points it is a tongue twister. It was a good book and I recommend it to young adults and higher"(

Bailey-"Through a unique screenplay presentation Myers provides a play-by-play of teen Steve Harmon’s trial for murder. The addition of Steve’s journal entries and memories of events leading up to the trial details the young man’s struggle to define his own actions as right or wrong. The distinctive format combination allows readers to consider the influence of Steve’s race and urban ecological context in regards to his guilt"(

The novel "Monster" is a riveting story that teaches huminization truthful skills of trials in life.

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"The best time to cry is at night, when the lights are out and someone is being beaten up and screaming for help. That way even if you sniffle a little they wont hear you. If anybody knows that you are crying, they'll start talking about you and soon it'll be your turn to get beat up when the lights go out"(Myers 1)-Steve went through many challenges mentally in the trial. He felt his voice wasn't heard resulting in discouragement and felt confused about what he should think.

"But being in here with these guys makes it hard to think about yourself as being different"(Myers62)-Everyone is jail is guilty but Steve is clearly the outcast. He feels indifferent and blurred of the situation. It's almost like Steve is convincing himself he is guilty.

This book of suspense is waiting for you so don't be the last one to buy it.

Jessica Blanchard