Computer Programmer

Branch of science

A computer programmer belongs in physical science. It belongs in this branch of science because when programming a computer you have to know how physics work and how the parts move.

Education Path

To get this career, you must get a degree in computer science. This degree is achieved by studying computer science. Some helpful highschool courses would be: Calculus, Technical Writing, Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.

Training School & College

One of the schools you could go to to get this job in the future would be Marquette. I chose this college because my aunt went there. This school is located in Michigan in a very urban area. This school is a private 4 year university. The average class size is 33 student and the student ratio is 14:1.


To get into Marquette you will probably need a 3.8 GPA. The average ACT test score is 1760. The average SAT 1610-1940. Computer programmers need to have at least a bachelors degree.

About the Job

Computer programmers program computers so they can preform a variety of tasks. Some of these computers can work machines with a simple command, but the other needs detailed instructions to be operated. It depends on what program the programmers program on the computer. After that, they test the program to debug it then write detailed instructions on how to use it. The usual work place is home, of an office. Computer programmers usually work alone but at the same time in teams. They work long hours.


The salary for a computer programmer nationally is $54,360 per year. This is for entry only. Nationally, the salary for a medium wage level is $87,790 per year. For an experienced computer programmer the national salary is $133,110 per year. Locally a computer worker making entry wage makes $50,490 per year. A medium wage worker makes $75,500 per year. An experienced worker locally makes $106,320 per year.


An employer could be U.S bank. But there are many other places that require a computer programmer.


I could see myself doing this because I love working with technology! Generally I'm great with computers and working with them is something very fun for me to do. Pros: Working with something I love. Cons: Long hours and working alone.