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Many people have the tendency to be away from home for a few days every now and then. Sometimes it’s because of a family holiday that lasts a few days or even weeks. For others, it’s for a business trip. As a homeowner, it’s therefore your responsibility to secure the house for the duration of the time you’re away, or even when you’re just out for the day. If you fail to do this, some enterprising person might take advantage of the lack of security and break into your home, stealing some valuables and maybe even vandalizing your house if you’re extra unlucky.

  • You might be tempted to keep a spare key under the door mat, flowerpot or inside that mailbox of yours. Even using a rock or fake one to hide them is so widespread that a thief won’t have a hard time fishing out your keys. Let trusted relatives, friends and neighbors keep the spares for you instead. Aside from this, why not invest in good locks that are highly resistant to picking, such as high security locks and keyless entry systems?

  • Windows are vulnerable against burglars. Who hasn’t heard the horror story of a house being intruded by nasty criminals because the window locks were easily picked, or the windows themselves were easily picked? Aside from keeping the windows far from the main door, put tough locks on your windows. Also try having some grills that you can open and close with your window so that they can’t enter through your window or reach the door through it?

  • This can never be emphasized enough in various websites for locksmiths and home security. Never ever leave your doors and windows open or unlocked, even your garage doors. Preventing break ins relies on preventive measures that deters the burglar enough to make him reconsider the break in and giving up on it altogether. If you keep doors and windows unlocked then you’re going to make things way easier since the burglar can just simply open the door and waltz into your home.

  • If you’re away overnight or for a few days, make sure that you could program the lamps or the lights to turn on at night to make it look like someone’s around. If you’re away for days you might want to cancel subscriptions that are delivered to your front door, since newspapers and the like that remain on the front door for days and stock up are signs that someone is away, and potential burglars will be quick to spot that little detail. You could also ask your neighbors to look out for your home.

You can never be too sure about the safety of your home, so you have to always make sure that it’s secure enough to keep burglars away. You don’t have to overdo it, of course, but you have to know what you could do to avoid break ins when you’re away. If you need the help of a locksmith in Arkansas, check out