Shane Vincent

Watchtower Duties and Security Patrols

Watchtowers must be manned the entire twenty four hours in the day, 24/7. Shifts are taken between the six watchmen, 2 assigned per tower. Security guards must have inside and outside patrols on a regular basis. Without this the outpost will fall and lost. The head of security, Katie Oxford was a ex - LA detective and not much else is known about her, youngest detective in her department ever, cracked a lot of cases and that's about it.

Chefs and Food Distributors

Chefs use anything grown and or scavenged( That's still editable ) is made into anything that can be eaten. Our food distributors hand out the daily lunch and dinner rations, most days there is enough, but some out resources are limited to only one lunch ration per day. Unless somebody prefers dinner over lunch then the routine is the same.

Leaders and Assistants

Mark Burns

The leader of the outpost, Mark Burns keeps the outpost running and food rations flowing. Rarely ever running out, he made the citizens ration food. It kept them alive, eventually food was grown and cans were scavenged, resulting in regular day meals, someday they might even get breakfast. He does have a right hand man if anything was to go down or they lost him in some way. Even in death the outpost would stand even without him.

Medics and Doctors

Anything like bandages and pills are scavenged and are given to our field medic and doctors back at the outpost. Medics are everyday patrols but have medical experience and if anyone would be injured they could be healed as best as possible. If not their bodies burned to stop any spread in disease and cremated to have some sort of "funeral". Doctors are the same but most have any nurses or assistance in extreme healing like surgery etc.