Gatsby's Bash!!!

Jay Gatsby's Party of the Century

Who is this Gatsby?

The cousin of Kaiser Williams?


An Oxford man?

The Ultimate Atmosphere

The party, like all of Gatsby's parties, was alive and vivacious. The lights, the music, the drinks, and the people were thrilling. High society is quickly escalating to the top, making impressions on the rich and poor!

Notable Attendees

Jordan Baker: The reigning golf champion was spotted looking fantastic in her ensemble for the evening. She still looked athletic despite her loss at the golf tournament.

Nick Carroway: Looking dapper in white flannels, the Wall Street bondsman was spotted enjoying himself at his first Gatsby party.

Jay Gatsby: Dressed to impress in a spiffy suit, Gatsby was seen gazing over his party and conversing with a few guests.


Saturday, May 25th 1918 at 2pm

Gatsby Estate, West Egg

Series of Events

2:00-6:00- party on the beach. Jet skis, motorboats, high dives, swimming pool.

6:00- Evening guests arrive

7:00- dancing and live music

8:00- formal dinner and entertainment

9:00- drinks served

10:00-2:00- more drinks and dancing