Hurricane Madness

*Your weekly Hurricane Facts*

What is a Hurricane? How are they formed? How are they named?

Hello my name is Erica Breedlove. Today I'm going to tell you information about hurricanes. I'm going to tell you how a hurricane gets its name, a famous hurricane named Jeanne, and the formation and strength of a hurricane. Hurricanes have a lot of history. I'll also tell you some interesting facts about hurricanes.

Hurricanes are formed by warm ocean waters up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The low pressure systems are caused by the energy from the warm seas; if the wind speeds get up to 38 mph it becomes a tropical depression. A tropical depression turns into a tropical storm. Hurricanes are formed when heavy rain and strong winds meet. When this happens, the strong winds push the waves and makes the waves stronger and larger. When that happens the winds push the waves on shore, and that's when the town floods, trees get knocked down, etc.

Hurricane Jeanne was the 6th major hurricane in 2000-2004. Jeanne hit land on September 26, 2004. 3,000 people lost their life's in Florida, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Virginia. Hurricane Jeanne reached up to 120 wind speeds. This hurricane lasted eight days. Hurricane Jeanne costed 6.9 billion dollars. Jeanne was also the tenth named storm in the season in 2004.

Do you know how hurricanes are named? Hurricanes are named by what part of the world the storm is in. Hurricanes are named in order by the alphabet. From 1950 to 1952 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean had only female names. Hurricanes are categorized by the wind speeds. If the wind speeds are 74-94 mph and 4-5 feet of storm surge then the hurricane is a "1". 96-110 mph and 6-8 feet of storm surge then the hurricane is a "2". 111-130 mph and 9-12 feet of storm surge then the hurricane is a "3". 131- 155 mp-h and 13-18 feet of storm surge the the hurricane is a "4". Anything above 156 mph and 19 feet of storm surge is a "5".

That is some interesting facts I just gave you about hurricanes, Hurricanes are really dangerous problems. Hurricanes have been around for a very long period of time. Hurricanes are very interesting. I hope you enjoyed the information I gave you. Make sure your not caught in the madness of a hurricane, it's more than a ball game!!

By: Erica Breedlove November 19, 2012