8th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 7th

Math - Baskerville

We are nearing the end of Topic 2. We will finish up our last lessons next week, and take the Post-Test for Topic 2 on Monday/Tuesday of the Week of October 21st. Please encourage students to regularly practice their math concepts through the assigned homework.

ELA - McCarty

Today students held their 3rd seminar over "The Most Dangerous Game" and an article on trophy hunting. With every seminar, their ability to articulate, engage in meaningful dialogue, and find confidence to speak up improves.

Next week will be busy! Students will begin their literary analysis essay over "The Most Dangerous Game" they will take the STAR assessment, finish theme, and take their unit assessment.

To prepare for the unit assessment, students will need to use their notebooks as their study guide. If we have covered it, it is fair game for the assessment.

P.E. - Baker/Milne

We started our Archery unit in PE this week! We will continue with it for the next couple of weeks. If anyone is interested in trying out for the Barry Archery team, try-outs are October 21st :)

Robotics and Automation - Eastep

Classes completed their clawbot build. Students are using their clawbot for an introduction into programming. They added four motors and two sensors. The clawbot will be able to pick up a small vex ball.

Choir - Rolls

We have our 1st Quarter Vocabulary Quiz coming up next week on Thursday, October 17th. Study guides will be passed out to students in class this Friday and will be due on the day of the quiz next week. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Band - Chesney

8th Grade Band has been preparing for the Barry School Veteran's Day Assembly on Monday, November 11. We will be collaborating with the Honor Choir and performing a piece titled "United We Stand."

All-District Band Auditions are coming up on November 2nd and will be held in St. Joseph, Missouri. Auditioning for All-District Band is optional. It is not a requirement, nor is it for a grade. All students interested in auditioning will be bringing home a permission form to audition for All-District Band that includes important information regarding dates and times. The permission form needs to be turned in to Ms. Chesney by Thursday, October 24th. There is a $11 audition fee required for each student that is auditioning. The audition fee money needs to be turned in to Ms. Chesney no later than Friday, November 1st. Please be checking your email for additional communication regarding All-District Band Auditions.