Ella's Birthday Party

Monday September 28 - 29th

Ella's Birthday

Monday, Sep. 28th, 4pm

4842 Colombo Crescent

Mississauga, ON

Please come to my house at 4pm or some time afterwards, where we can have dinner and cake. My dad will drive us all to Sky Zone and bring us back afterwards. If you would like, my dad can also drive two people from Lisgar to our house after school on Monday when he comes to pick me up. Since it is a PD day the following day (Tuesday) I thought we could have a sleepover too, but this is optional. Feel free to stay over at our house during the day on Tuesday for the PD Day. Ella’s older sister is a certified babysitter, and will be there to supervise during the day. Your parents can pick you up later on Tuesday or whenever you would like to arrange. My dad will be back home by 3pm.

If you have a sleeping bag/pillow, you can bring it for the sleepover, but we do have extras too.

If you have Skyzone socks, please bring those.

- Ella


Please R.S.V.P. at:



Hope You Can Make It!