Visible Light

EM Project Emilio B

4 Uses of Visible Light

  1. We use Visible Light to see.
  2. We made Light Bulbs that emit Visible Light
  3. We use Visible Light for Lasers, which branch off to Laser-related machines.
  4. We use Visible Light to determine how Hot or Cold something is.

Pictures of Visible Light

Tour of the EMS 05 - Visible Light Waves

NASA explains visible light.

New Technology: Visible Light Communication

A new form of receiving and sending data by using visible light. Think of it as morse code, only with LED lights. The LED light emits at high speeds, then a receiver transfers the light to a signal in which the device gets data. For example, if the lights turn on once and turn off, that may stand for a 1. If it turns on twice it maybe a 2. Its just a new way to transmit data in a efficient way. The materials used are just LED lights, and receiver to transfer the signal into data. This technology impacts the world almost in every way. It can be an alternative for Wi-Fi. It can also be used as radio signaling too.

It was first introduced in a TED global conference in 2011. Professor Harald Haas and his team created Visible Light Communication.

This article gives you background on VLC, such as who created it.

Describes what and how VLC can do and it works.

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VLC can receive and give data and information to nearby devices that can receive too visible light.

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VLC works in a binary code way.

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Wireless Data Transfer Over Visible Light Sets New Record at 10 Gb/s

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Using Visible Light Frequencies for Wireless Data Transfer