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Why were airbags invented?

They had the grand idea that airbags would prevent some of the ailments from automobile accidents that people experienced.

Do these airbags aid the driver or is a seat belt alone just as effective?

Studies show that a seat belt by itself does not protect from head trauma nearly as much as if it were coupled with an airbag.


Deaths among drivers using airbags with seat belts are 26% lower than people with just seat belts. I bet that car right below this had an airbag that saved the driver
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How fast do these miniature blimps slam into the driver?

In a matter of milliseconds.
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What is the first part of this airbag that reacts and what does it do exactly?

The first thing to react is a little sensor and it reacts to any abnormal force it detects activating the bag of air.
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When azide is activated what type of reaction is it?

Chemical like Tzar bomba.
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The stuff inside

Inside the airbag is a gas generator containing a concoction of NaN3, KNO3, and SiO2.

A Chart of Chartiness (or rather a attempt at a chart)

Gas Generator Reaction Reactants Products

Initial Reaction NaN3 NaN2

Second Reaction Na KNO3 K2O N2 Na2O

Final Reaction K2) Na2O SiO2 Alkaline SIlicone

Some Equations



K2O+Na2O+SiO2=Alkaline Silicone

The End maybe sort of okay now this the end unless i put a period finally this is the end