What's up in D121?

News for the week of Wednesday, November 7th.

When will it be normal again?

This semester I have found myself constantly asking, when will we have a "normal" week? I now have an answer....after the Thanksgiving Break. Next week we will have late start on Wednesday and then we leave for a three day break. I love time off just as much as the next person but I tell you I am ready to have kiddos back FULL TIME. I am so proud of your child for continuing to work hard and be flexible when things have just not been "normal".

The week ahead...

Learning, Learning, Learning!

Science: We are studying Force and Motion.

Math: We will be wrapping up our study of Functions and and we will test on November 13th. Before we go on to break we will study Mean, Median and Mode!

Writing:The students will begin to create their information texts based on topics we are learning in Science and Social Studies.

Reading: When we get back from break your child's reading level will be tested. Before the winter break you will know their new level.

Social Studies: We are learning about how America moved from farm work to factory work, this time in history is known as the Industrial Revolution.

Upcoming important dates:

November 14th-Late Start

November 16th-School Movie Night

November 21st-23rd Thanksgiving Break

November 26th-December 18th-Reading Level Assessments

December 20th-Beginning of Holiday Break