Toffee, Tips, Nachos & Thai!

WARNING!! Reading this may make you feel hungry :D

My latest most delicious themed Station Shows!

Fakeaway - Dim Sum Buns and a 'chuck n bung' Thai Curry make for an absolutely tasty occasion! Space permitting we could also whip up our deliciously different Yorkshire Naans!

Tapas - you & your friends might fancy making Spanish Potatoes, Jalapeno & Chorizo Squares and Sweet Potato & Paprika Tortillas or Tangy Meatballs with or without Sangria!

Pudding & Pimms - you don't need to be a baker to make our delectable desserts, we have a full range from chocolate puddings to layered desserts or fruity numbers!

Picnic & Pimms - if you don't have a sweet tooth, you might fancy making New Yorker Sausage Rolls with a Mustard Mayo Sauce, mini omelettes & more!

Fizz & Nibbles - choose from a range of tasty canape recipes and party food that your friends will love making and eating! Serve with your favourite fizz!

Coffee Morning - we have gorgeous treats, sweet & savoury options for a lovely start to your day with friends! My favourites are our gluten free Chocolate Brownies, Molten Camembert Muffins, Upside Down Pineapple Cake and the divine Cheese, Bacon & Onion scones served warm with lashings of butter!

BBQ Style - choose one of my mouthwater burger recipes and a juicy flavoursome Salsa recipe & a creamy dip!

I offer evenings, some Sunday afternoons and some mornings. To book your theme show, contact me ASAP. If you quote 'theme' when you get in touch, I will bring an extra gift to your Station Show :) 07789911174

You can enjoy a fun get together with friends and get hands on with our fantastic products. Have fun & the chance to earn freebies or you can raise money for your favourite charity!

A recipe for our rather amazing Rice Cooker Plus!!

9 Minute Sticky Toffee Pudding a la 'Rice Cooker Plus'


6 tbsp golden syrup 75 g butter

4tbsp double cream 110g soft light brown sugar

Sponge pudding

110g butter

2 eggs

175g self raising flour

110g soft light brown sugar

2 tsp mixed spice

1 medium ripe banana mashed – use mix masher if you have it!

1 cup stoned dates

250ml of boiling water

Handful walnuts

Upto 4 tbsp milk if its still a little dry

For the Sauce

Place butter and brown sugar into Rice Cooker Plus.

Using the Easy Read Measuring Jug add double cream

With Measure All Cup (upside down, reading red measurements and pushing plunger down to the measurement marker) add syrup.

Melt in microwave for approx. 2 mins until bubbling.

Remove from Microwave and stir well using the Small Mix n Scraper

For the sponge

Chop dates into smaller chunks using Crinkle Cutter on Cutting Board & add to Small Batter Bowl with 250ml hot water to soften

Melt butter in the Large Micro Cooker.

Add flour and sugar.

Using the Adjustable Measuring Spoon add 2 tsp of mixed spice. Add to flour sugar and butter.

Using the Mix n Masher mash banana in the Large Prep Bowl and place in Micro Cooker

Whisk eggs using the Stainless Whisk in the Easy Read Measuring Cup and add to Micro Cooker.

Finely chop nuts with Food Chopper & add to mix.

Mix gently with Small Mix n Scraper until all ingredients are combined.

Using Mix n Scraper carefully place cake mix on top of sauce in Rice Cooker Plus. IMPORTANT! Place around edges then finally in centre to create a cover, IF YOU PUT A LUMP OF MIX STRAIGHT INTO CENTRE IT WILL SINK!

Cook in microwave for 9 mins. Check middle is cooked. Carefully turn out onto Platter (with rimmed edge to collect sauce).

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Spiced Chicken Nachos - a firm favourite to demo at shows or enjoy at home! Great to share!


140 g lightly salted tortilla chips or corn chips

425 g skinless, boneless cooked chicken

255 g mature cheddar cheese

3 tablespoons Jamaican jerk seasoning

1 red pepper

1 lime

2 tablespoons fresh coriander

100 ml soured cream


1) Preheat oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/Gas 7.

2) Arrange tortilla chips in a slightly overlapping layer on Rectangle

Stone; set aside.

3) Finely dice chicken on Cutting Board using Santoku Knife & place in Classic Batter Bowl.

4) Grate cheddar into batter bowl using Adjustable Grater.

5) Using Adjustable Measuring Spoon, measure 2 tablespoons (or more if you like it spicy) of the jerk seasoning into batter bowl.

6) Mix gently using Small Mix ‘N Scraper.

7) Sprinkle chicken mixture evenly over tortilla chips. Bake 5-7 minutes or until cheese is melted then take out of oven.

8) Meanwhile, finely chop pepper & coriander with Manual Food Processor & add to Small Batter Bowl.

9) Zest lime with Microplane Adjustable Grater into bowl.

10) Cut lime in half crossways with Utility Knife.

11) Using Citrus Press, juice half of lime into Small Batter Bowl & add 1 tablespoon jerk seasoning (more if you like it spicy!), mix well and set aside.

12) Spoon red pepper mixture evenly over nachos; sprinkle with snipped coriander.

13) Spoon soured cream into a small polythene food bag; cut a small tip off one corner of bottom of bag to allow cream to flow through and pipe cream over nachos.

My Quick Tips! Lemons & Maltesers!!

Wedge & freeze your lemons when they are on the turn, that way you can always have 'ice and a slice' in one when you need it!

If you are a Baileys might like to try freezing Maltesers....a lovely chocolatey ice cube!

How we roll in The Pampered Chef!

Microplane Adjustable Grater demo video! Apols for amateur video...we are learning!

Microplane Adjustable Fine Grater, The Pampered Chef

Thanks for reading! Happy Cooking, eating and general merriment! Amanda :)

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