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When a building has a Home extension & additions in Sydney it means that generally extended out, at ground floor level, or extended upwards; that is, adding another level. Some clients do both: extending both up and out. We can help you assess your current home and advise the options available to you. We are specialists in providing affordable solutions with home extensions and additions. We can introduce you to home design solutions that fit your budget and your family requirements. We exceed our clients every expectation with high quality workmanship, using only experienced and professional trade’s people. In fact they are so good; the majority of our clients are able to live in the house throughout construction. Our design team specialise in arranging elements of your home extensions in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. Our designers focus on the relationship between your home lifestyle and the hidden potential of your home. So whether you are in need of more space or you simply want to renovate or have an addition to your existing space, Spacebusters is a name you can trust with your home.

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