Franklin House

Week of Sept. 29th

English Language Arts

Each week students have a content, grammar and spelling focus. This week our focus is on text structure and compound sentences. Our reading includes Achieve3000 lessons that students complete each week. Our goal is to have at least two activities at 88% or higher. Please encourage your child to read 20-30 min each night.


Math 4: We will be taking our Unit 3 Test on fractions using all operations. We will be testing on mixed numbers and the use of reciprocals and cross reducing. We will then start Unit 4 with surface area.

Math 7, 8: We will be taking out Unit 1 Test on rate, unit rate, graphing, and solving proportions. Then we will start Unit 2 with area of polygons.


We will be working on animal classification and finishing the owl pellet dissection.

Social Studies

Students are working on outcomes of the Civil War including the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

MAP testing this Wednesday and Thursday.

We will be using the iPads so please be sure your child charges the iPad each night so it is at 100%.

Homework and Behavior System

Students should be able to show you a list of homework they have to complete each day. This could be in their iPad or on the paper "mini" planner they have. We will record information here as well for missing work or other behavior concerns if they come up.

We have implemented a new behavior plan at Lineville. Clear expectations are given and practiced, positive behaviors are acknowledged and rewarded, and mistakes are recorded to prevent patterns that could turn into bad habits. Minors are recorded and if the behavior becomes a pattern to become a major, you will hear from us at that point. We have had a great start and are enjoying your children!

Picture retake day is October 6th

This is a MONDAY.