By Kyle Daly


“ Media ” to me is a way which one person can communicate with the others throughout the world. Letters, poster, emails , public meetings and newspapers are all types of media. Media can be found anywhere. To me everyone gets their media through newspapers, television and phones. Me personally I hear about things going on in the world through my phone. Many businesses use the media to promote things . The media plays a very important role in today's society, especially in us teenagers lives . It educates us on world issues and informs us of important events all over the world. But the media isn't always a positive influence. Through the media people can find out a lot of things they don’t know about . Back in the day people used to read newspapers to find out information and in todays society people just got on their tablets or phones to find everything out . Nowadays internet has become a daily need in our lives.

To me “ Media Literate” means to be aware of the media around us and be able to analyze the messages that are given to us , to be able to break down what’s really being said or advertised. I think the more I grow older I’ve become more media literate than I was before, I pay more attention to society and the news more often to know what’s going on all over the world . Media can also teach us a lot of things that we don’t know and want to learn. You can learn how to fix things on the internet.

In the commercial for T-Mobile, which aired during the 2014 super bowl, communicates to viewers that with no contract for your phone you are unlimited. T-Mobile advertises this product by showing that since Tim Tebow doesn’t have his NFL contract he has been able to do so much more stuff. T-Mobile attempts to get viewers to see how much better life is with no contracts in order to get people to leave their cell phone companies and switch to T-Mobile. This commercial uses a humorous tone which connects with people who have cell phones.