Old Technology vs New Technology

Past, Present and Future!

Technology in the 90's

Technology in the 90's seems very old compared to now. Back in the 90's, kids haven't even heard of an email. The computers were big and thick like blocks. Another thing that was complicated in the '90s was that you'd have to dial up and pay a lot of money for the internet, or you could use it at school.

New/current technology

The technology now is way better than it used to be in many ways. Now the computers are way lighter, thiner and easier to use. Internet now is way cheaper too. It is now normal to have a computer at home, and everyone has a MacBook Air of their own for high school in Eden Prairie.

Future technology

Some teens say that in 20 years from now, they'd be laughing at the technology we have currently. In the future, we will have driverless cars, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, powered exoskeletons, and more.