The real truth behind the Propaganda

In World War II innocent Japanese people were taking away from their homes, shops, friends, and families for something they did not do. They were forced into small shacks in camps in the dessert where it was hot and dusty. In reality these camps were MORE similar to prisons than to an actually community which is what the government made it look like.


The U.S government tricked american citizens into thinking that they were treating the Japanese with respect and like actually human beings. In reality they were treating them like they were criminals or zoo animals, by throwing them into barbed wire fences and limiting the things they can do. The government showed the world happy pictures of Japanese in camps and on their way there. That was just a cover up, because who would be happy to leave their friends and businesses for three years and live in a miserable desert instead. picture: https://emptychairproject.wordpress.com/page/5/


The Japanese were put behind barbed wire fences-like prisoners. In the picture above to the left it shows how sad the Japanese are to be stuck in there. Guards would stand watch and limit them to what they could do. This is very different than what the government made it out to be. Instead of nice comfortable homes and community, its run down shacks and guards watching their every move. This was not for the protection of America, but it was because they just did not want the Japanese around. An example of this is in the picture above to the right. When they returned back to their homes, they still were not welcomed.