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Week of 10/18/21


These words are not enough, but they're all I have. Thank you to EVERYONE who raised money for the Practice-a-Thon, donated prizes/drinks/snacks, and especially to those parents who spent the evening chaperoning the party. We could NOT have done it without all of you and we are SO THANKFUL for you!

We raised over $18,000 and are looking forward to purchasing new equipment, replacing instruments, hiring clinicians, and buying new stands. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

ALL Advanced Bands Football Game Performance

Monday, Oct. 18th, 5-8pm

3901 Miles Road

Sachse, TX

ALL eligible Symphonic, Honors, and Wind Symphony students will perform for the 7th and 8th grade football games on October 18th. Students MUST have passed ALL of their classes on the 1st quarter report card to participate. We will wear our new band t-shirt and jeans/dark pants for the performance. We will feed the students at Hudson, walk over to the Sachse HS stadium, and perform until 8pm.



Students whose parents wish to pick them up from the Sachse HS stadium MUST sign their student out with a band chaperone under the big tree just outside the stadium gate (on the right after exiting the stadium) between 8:00-8:10pm. ALL STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT BEEN SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT BEFORE 8:10PM MUST WALK BACK TO HUDSON AND BE PICKED UP AT THE BACK OF THE SCHOOL BY THE BAND HALL AT 8:30PM.

8th Grade Band Night

Friday, Oct. 22nd, 4:30-10pm

1209 East Centerville Road

Garland, TX

All academically eligible 8th grade band students will spend Friday evening as a part of the Sachse HS band. We will take a bus to the stadium after school, watch a portion of their rehearsal, eat dinner with the band, and spend the football game in the stands playing with the band. During half time, we will walk to the home stands and sit to watch the half time performances. Students will wear their Future Mustang Band shirt (given out this week) and jeans/dark pants. Students whose parents wish to pick them up from the stadium MUST SIGN OUT THE STUDENT BETWEEN 9:25-9:40PM OUTSIDE THE TICKET BOOTH ON THE VISITOR SIDE OF THE STADIUM WITH A BAND CHAPERONE. ALL OTHER STUDENTS WILL RIDE THE BUS BACK TO HUDSON AND BE PICKED UP AT 10:00PM.

Please read the 8th grade band night itinerary.

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Are You a Prize Winner?

Click here to see if your name was drawn for one of the prizes shown above.

If you won a prize, we will let you pick your prize (in the order your name was drawn) beginning at 8:15am on Monday morning.

Advanced Bands Fall Concert

Wednesday, Oct. 27th, 6:30-7:45pm

4405 Hudson Drive

Sachse, TX

TIME CHANGE FOR CONCERT - 6:30pm start time!!!

This is an early release day for students. Due to required staff development, students will go home after school releases, then come back for the concert at 5:15pm. We will rehearse together at 5:15pm in the big gym, eat a snack, then begin the concert at 6:30pm. Parents should be there between 6:15-6:30pm to get a seat in the big gym.

Students will wear their band t-shirt with jeans/dark pants for the performance (no shorts).

The order of the performance will be Combined Bands, Symphonic Band, Honors Band, Wind Symphony.

October/November Practice Challenge

In an effort to motivate our students to complete regular practice, we will be implementing a practice challenge for October and November. Students who turn in their practice records ON TIME (end of the day every Monday) with 140+ minutes for each week in October and November will be invited to the Pajama Dodgeball Elf Movie Extravaganza Party in December. The practice log that starts this challenge will be turned in on October 11, for minutes practiced over the Fall Intersession and Fall Break. Students are expected to practice for 140+ minutes over those two weeks combined and will submit one practice log for that time frame when we return on October 11. I hope this encourages our students to keep up their practicing and turn their assignment in each week on time!

What Should We Be Practicing?

Practicing should happen daily to help build coordination and muscle memory and retain progress. Students should practice sitting in a real chair (preferably one that doesn't roll/spin), using a music stand, with a metronome. Please make sure woodwind players are properly swabbing out their instrument at the end of every practice session to keep their instruments clean!

Beginner Band:

Alphabet masters, Rhythm Rockers units 1-3/4, Musical Mastery warm-up exercises, pages 7-9 in Sound Innovations, Double Reeds units 3 & 4 in Boot Camp book

Symphonic Band: Longtones 1A, Concert Bb, F Ab, and Eb scales, rhythm chart 1-5, Machine 1, Imperial March, 7 Nation Army, ESPN, Wings to the Mind

Honors Band: Longtones 1A, Set 1 Opt.1, Set 1 Opt. 4, Concert Bb, Eb, F, and Ab scales, rhythm charts 6.5-9, Fight Song, Imperial March, On Your left, Hey Song, 7 Nation Army, Creatures in the Attic, Midnight Madness

Wind Symphony: Long tones, lip slurs, scales (ALL - including chromatic), All-Region music, rhythm charts 7-8, 3 2 1, Armor of the Mystic, 3,2,1, Football Tunes

Reminders from Previous Updates

ALL Smores In One Place

If you would like to bookmark the link below, I will be adding the weekly Smores to this page so you can reference every week when you need to without digging through old emails. You can also find the Smores on the band website and on your students' Canvas page for band.

ALL Hawk Band Updates

Are You Handy? Like to Build Things?

I have grand visions of organizing our percussion storage room over the next few weeks because it's too small and we have too much equipment. If you happen to be handy and want to help build shelves for our cymbals, drum pads, and drum stands, please let me know! This picture is similar to what I have in mind.

Instrument Usage Fees in Skyward

If your student plays a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, tenor/bari sax, French horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and select others), their district school-owned instrument usage fee is reflected in their Skyward account now. These directions to submit an online payment in Skyward should help you with completing that payment. Please let Mrs. Becker know if you have questions.
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