Bright Lights of the Season '17

Give yourself time to read and relax

Arrival time at the Primary School

This is a reminder about when to drop the children off at the back playground here at the Primary School. We are encouraging you to not drop off the children before 8:30 if at all possible. Mr. Budisch, or an assigned teacher, will join the children around that time. Prior to that there is no supervision for the children. We want the children to be safe when they are on school grounds. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Ready for the time of your lives?

Holiday Concerts next Monday, December 11th, at 5:30 and 7:00 PM. 5K-2 at the early show with the "big" ones to follow later on. Children should go directly to the Little Theater for pre-show logistics 15 minutes before the showtime. Parents please pick up your children in the LIttle Theater after the show.
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Holiday Fun at the Merton Schools

The Intermediate School Senate is coordinating a Holiday Spirit Week at both schools during the week of Dec. 18-22. Here is the link that will give you the calendar and the focus of each day.


Assembly Next Week Wednesday

On December 13th, Wednesday, at 8:50 AM in our cafeteria, our 4th graders will be presenting information and guidelines for the GAGA pit and winter safety. The students on the Principals' Council provide the school children with the reminders for a good and safe time while at school during the winter months. The playground changes quite a bit when the white stuff begins to pile up and the surface gets slippery. Each child makes a slide for a google presentation. The assembly presentations are forwarded to the classrooms for use by the teachers if they so choose.

Using the parachute

In Phy Ed class this week, these second graders were getting cardio-vascular exercise and strengthening their arms by working together with a parachute. Our PE teachers have activities where the children really push themselves and exert lots of energy while having fun.

You know when you can't find that lost glove or hat or sweatshirt?

Take a look here. If there is anything here that resembles a lost piece of clothing from your home, c'mon in to claim it. On Dec. 22nd, these items will be going to homes of those who need them to stay warm outside. These are on display in our main hallway.

Mike Budisch

Our 4th graders attended the film "Wonder" and have been working in their classrooms on this attribute that we should all demonstrate with regularity and frequency. The pic on the left is an ecouragement for all of us.