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Madrid- unique city, young open city that offers an excellent choice for gourmets.


Significance- designed to define the Spanish Constitution of 1978

Spain Population

Spain has a population of 46,464,053
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Currency rate

1 Euro equals

1.07 US dollar


Madrid zoo and amusement park

is found in la casa de campo de Madrid 1,800 hectares of park land in west Madrid


cable car restaurant located at Station house , with the best views of Madrid

IMAX Madrid

very high class upscale movie theater mostly located in north Madrid
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Restaurants and Food

number 1 restaurant in Madrid is Taberna el sur, they are mostly know for their squid dish like this


lunch, dinner, and cruise mainly know for their great tasting wine

Tourist Attractions

Prado museum- exhibition el greco and modern painting co-organised with Accion cultural espanola.

i would like to visit prado because i have never actually been to a museum and going to my first one out of the country would be cool.

Plaza de Cibeles

central square where real Madrid celebrates championship wins and homw to the bank of Spain

I would to visit Cibeles to see some of the real Madrid futbol players when they win

Royal Palace

Madrid's most beautiful building, largest royal palace in Western Europe.

i want to see the palace because in the picture it is huge and looks like it would be an amazing experience to see that site