The Lion King


The Lion King is a film that interested him because he is funny and exciting drama.

Is a film classic American musical adventures of Walt Disney in 1994. The film was directed by Roger Allers on and most Minkoff and is considered one of the films Disney Renaissance

The film tells the story of Simba, a lion cub destined to succeed his father, King Mufasa role. After his uncle of Simba, Scar, kills Mufasa to gain control of a pride of lions, Simba mistakenly believes his father's death was his responsibility, and therefore decides to exile himself from the band. Shortly after leaving the band, Simba comes exhaustion and scavengers trying to eat it. Meerkat and warthog who called Timon And Pumbaa fall into place, save it and grow it. Since Simba the Lion's kingdom is not to advocate it, Scar becomes a king and allied painted. After a long period of Simba met none of the previous troupe finds him Nella, a lioness who was a childhood friend of Simba.

Nala convinces him to return the kingdom to defeat Scar, who seized power. With Simba returns to his kingdom, killing Scar and the hyenas plot. The film was influenced by, among other things, about the biblical stories of Joseph and Moses and the play "Hamlet" was written by Shakespeare.

The film was a great success. "The Lion King" graph 877.6 million during its release in 1994, and thus rated the most lucrative film of 1994.
After his renewed distribution to IMAX and distribution in three dimensions, She graduated with revenues of US $ 987,483,777 and is ranked 25th feature film in history income.
The film has won numerous awards as including two Academy Awards for achievements in the field of music as well as a Golden Globe award for the film musical or comic.

The film led to a media franchise that includes a musical, the two sequels that have been released directly to video ("The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" and King Lions 3: Hakuna Matata ") and two television series (" Timon And Pumbaa "and The Lion Guard").