National Parks

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is located Australia, NSW, Audley, Audley Road in Sydney. The park contains endangered or rare species of wildlife. The Queen visited the National Park in 1954. These are some animals that you can find in the Royal National Park.

Special areas

At the Royal National Park you can see endangered types of species, Stay at Weemalah Bay, go whale watching on the White Cliff and see special Aboriginal engravings.


At the Royal National Park, you can walk the Karloo Walking Track which is 5.6 about kilometres long and takes three hours to walk the whole track. You can also cycle Lady Carrington Drive which is 9.7 kilometres long and takes 3 hours and 45 minutes.

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Protected species

Lots of endangered species live in the Royal National Park such as the Waratah, Possums, Sugar Gliders, Cabbage Trees, Wallabies, Deers, bats and soooo much more.

Intresting facts

The Royal National Park is also knawn as the "Royal'' OR "Nasho" and it is the second oldest national park in the world.