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Issue # 7, December 7, 2018

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The following is a true story . . . . .

. . . . . from a Lakeville elementary school. The above white board greeted trainees and students as they entered a building last week. A fifth grade student who had noticed the sign walked up to his teacher and asked, "Do we get to participate in the Sarcastic Seminar?"

Clever Call and Response Idea

"Hocus Pocus . . . . . Time to Focus." Elementary teachers have many Call and Response tricks up their collective sleeves. I have been particular to: "I say, 'Listen', you say, 'Up.'" During a fifth grade lesson last week, I saw a very clever twist on Call and Response. The teacher used the reading fluency lesson to determine the call and response: "I say, 'Punctuation' and you say, 'Pause'." She used it repeatedly. It tied into her Learning Target and reinforced her lesson expectations. Genius!

Benchmark Universe Idea to make your posters POP!

Here is a short (3 minute) video that will walk you through how to put a learning target on your online posters AND how to make the target pop. It's a visually effective way to reinforce the learning target and your expectations for the lesson. Thanks to the fifth grade team and DLS at Huddleston for putting this together.

Are you taking care of yourself?

"(Teachers) need a level of social-emotional competence that's way above the norm. The average person, you couldn't stick them in a classroom with 25 kids and expect them to be successful as a teacher."

The link below has a short article about teachers who choose to be mindful when it comes to their own health. They know that happy teachers equal happy students.

Happy Teachers Practice Self Care

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Michelle, Janet, Bethany and Bob -

P.S. How are your reflections going? If you are struggling drafting your reflection, consider reaching out to your IDSS coach to schedule a time to brainstorm.
P.P.S. Help. We're running out of anecdotes. You've got 'em and we need 'em.

P.P.P.S. Here's an image from "somewhere" in district.

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