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Weekly Roundup - September 11, 2015

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Understanding September 11

More than 30 lesson plans, activities, news stories, videos and book lists to help students comprehend the 9/11 attacks and their lasting impact on the United States and the world.

September 11 Lesson Plans

Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force - Which Wins?


Mr. North's Welcome Letter on Our Website


Notes for Professional Development

While tenured teachers are working on their packets for Book Study, Lesson Study or a Personalized Professional Development Project, teachers who are in either one of the year long courses or in the Year 1-2/Year 3-4 cohorts will have packets provided to them on the first day of the PD Plan Implementation on October 14. The packets were developed this summer with our consultant and match the guidelines required by the district.

There are still a few spots available in some of the courses so please make sure you review MLP if you are interested.

Lastly, ALL teachers, regardless of whether or not you are in a course or not, should register for the type or PD or course you want to take in MLP. This allows us to provide hours and track attendance accordingly.

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From the business office this week:

First Payday is September 15, 2015!

Tuesday, September 15th is the first paycheck of the year for 10 month employees. The District utilizes an online employee portal for full-time employees with direct deposit to view pay stubs. Attached are the instructions for logging in to the employee portal. Employees will receive an email at their district address. This will occur whenever a new “document” (i.e., pay stub or W-2) has been posted to the system. Pay stubs will not be distributed. (W-2s will be distributed at the end of January 2016 but will also be available online.)

For MOST of you logging in for the first time, your username is first initial+last name (all one word) and the password is the last 5 digits of your social security number. Some users, due to duplicate names in the system, may be first two initials + last name.

For portal or paycheck-related questions, please email me at

For health benefit questions, please email Margaret at

Payroll Breakdowns....

From Dan Castles:

Welcome Back! With the first pay date quickly approaching I wanted to give a brief update on some of the payroll deductions. Attached is a description of each deduction code and below is a more detailed explanation of most of the codes.

· FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act and is one component of Social Security (6.2% of wages up to $118,500)

· MEDI is short for Medicare (1.45% of wages)

· SUI stands for State Unemployment Insurance (.425% of wages up to $32,000 of wages in a calendar year)

· FLI stands for State Family Leave Insurance (.09% of wages up to $32,000 of wages in a calendar year)

· Tax Shelter is your 403(b) plan (VALIC, MetLife, Equitable or Putnam)

· Pension is 7.06% of wages. The number in parentheses is your State pension number.

· Contributory Ins is short for contributory insurance which is the employee cost towards group life insurance provided by the NJ Division of Pension & Benefits:

· Imputed is short for imputed income. The IRS allows you to receive up to $50,00 in life insurance without paying taxes. The portion of the group life insurance policy (provided through pensions as per the previous line) over $50,000 is taxed according to age as per a table published by the IRS.

· Health Benefit Contr is the employee cost towards medical premiums according to gross wages, type of coverage, and date of hire (also known as Chapter 78 contribution).

· Medical, dental, and vision represent the cost to “buy up” insurance (e.g., POS to PPO, single to family vision, etc.)

· Health care other – if you waive medical coverage but take dental and/or vision, the system computes whether 1.5% of your salary is more than the cost but up to the cost of those premiums.

For any payroll-related questions, feel free to email me at


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Sent from Dr. Latwis this week - files can be downloaded and printed as needed.



Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2


The Flipped Class: Overcoming Common Hurdles


Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games (Tech2Learn Series)


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