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weekly update

What's happening "in the Pack":

I appreciate your time meeting to discuss your child's progress in 3rd Grade. If you have not done so please do so ASAP:

PLEASE let me know if you need a time other than one that is on the sign up sheet. I will do my best to meet your schedule!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! The Pack house was "packed"! I was so fortunate to have a slice of time with ALL four daughters ( plus boyfriends and fiancees)!

We completed our Landform unit in Science. I was inspired by the students enthusiasm and creativity in their projects and songs!


Word Study: making long a sound : eigh, ey, aigh

Writer's Workshop: writing about our reading

Reader's Workshop: Becoming the Characters in our text


REVIEW addition and subtraction with regrouping, rounding to ten and hundreds, perimeter and shapes

Social Studies: History of Our Community and Region

Landform Work