What's the Scoop on Abortion Ethics

By: Sai K, Dani C, Maya G

Current State of Abortion

Currently in our country abortion is a very controversial topic, with many views, ideas and beliefs. However from any sane person's point of view its not to hard to see that outlawing abortion can cause a serious problem. Sometimes abortion is the only option left for an individual and it wouldn't be right to rob them of that right. But some people however believe that aborting a baby is equivalent to taking someone's life, they compare it with murder. These people argue that abortion is inhumane but the truth is in some cases the reason an individual must abort their baby is because someone else did something inhumane to the individual and abortion is the only option they have.

Our Stance on Abortion

we are pro abortion. We believe sometimes it's the only option and there is nothing wrong with abortion. But abortion can only be done with in a certain period of time and not after that.

Reasons Abortion is an Ethical Choice

The process of abortion is not an easy one. The path is rough and full of questions, doubts, and confusion. The doctor in charge of the patient has ethical principles that help the patient with their confusion. The doctors are to apply all ethical principles and virtues to all the patients regardless of their personal, religious and spiritual beliefs. This value system or moral code is fair and equitable. The patient is to make her own decision based on the information she is given. Therefore, she is to be given as much information as possible to avoid any misconceptions. Having your own beliefs on the topic cannot be shown or mentioned because that would give a bias. There should be no sign of bias for the good of the patient. Doctors should not fill the patients mind with things opposing abortion (unless it is facts) because of religious reasons or values. It is not them having the abortion, it is the patient.

It is important to realize that there are some special cases where an abortion can be refused to be done. By law, the doctor or physician cannot object to performing abortion unless there is a threat to the mother's health form the abortion itself. This is a responsible part of medical ethics because it assures that the abortion is not being refused because of personal beliefs but because the health of the patient always comes first.

Facts to back our Claim

  • If the Supreme Court decision is read literally, there would appear to be no grounds for a physician to refuse to perform an abortion except for a clear threat to a woman's health from the abortion itself. Yet many, and perhaps most, physicians appear morally opposed to using abortion for sex selection or in those cases where simple postnatal treatment is available to correct a genetic defect.
  • There is a difference between killing or destroying something and preventing something from coming into existence. Preventing something coming into existence denies a future of value, as does destruction
  • Doctor should assess objectively and meticulously all the available diagnostic and therapeutic options and to implement those that protect and promote the interest of the patient by ensuring a balance of good over harm, so if abortion is to risky they can deny it.