The Curriculum Chronicle

September/October 2019

Secondary Literacy Website

Links to curriculum guides, topic assessments, and helpful resources for all ELA courses 6-12.

Curriculum guides, resource links, and other support documents are live and updated often. A few errors in curriculum guides have been updated and materials for NRI and text requests have been added to each grade level's page.

Big picture

We WILL provide complex grade-level texts for all students, every day in service of grade-level cognitive tasks and assessments.

The chaos of back to school is both exhilarating and exhausting. If you're anything like me you've been surviving on coffee and freezer meals to get through these first few weeks. I've eaten more of my son's Lunchables at work than I'm proud to admit. The rhythm of the school year has it's own personality, just like the students we serve. The raging rapids of back to school are calming down and while the current is picking up speed it's easier to steer. There are more kiddos squeezing into our classrooms than ever before and the frustration that comes with large class sizes and new schedules can cloud our sense of purpose and the passion I know each one of you has for your craft.

Thank you for being a teacher.

Thank you for coming to work each day.

Thank you for giving some of the best parts of yourself to someone else's child.

You are exactly the right person to do this job.

Upcoming Deadlines and Requests

  • 9/15 GEAR for English 3 & English 4
  • 9/18 Register for District PLC
  • 9/27 District PLC 8-10am Roosevelt High School
  • 10/1 BLUE Master's program sign-up (only 1st & 2nd year teachers)
  • 9/3-10/4 MAP testing window
  • 10/1 log in to NRI to complete diagnostic
  • 10/10 PLC Leader Training 4-6pm Roosevelt High School
  • 11/15 Spring novel purchase and transfer requests due

District PLCs: 9/27, 12/13, 4/27

Roosevelt High School

4419 Center Street


*All rooms are located on the 2nd floor, Northeast hallway. Elevator access is located immediately outside the main office. Enter through the front entrance and take either staircase to the 2nd floor.

Parking is located on either the East (Chamberlin Dr.) or West (Center St.) sides of the building. If you park by the track/gym (closest to Hubbell) you will need to cross the breezeway to enter the main building. Please DO NOT park in the Hubbell lot.

PLC/Facilitator Room/Room at TRHS

  • ELA6 Heather Crank 2800
  • ELA7 Stephanie Fholer 2810
  • ELA8 Tonya Richards 2820
  • Eng 1 Kortney Williamson 2870
  • Eng 2 Jasmine Simpson 2880
  • Eng 3 Andy Sutton 2850
  • Eng 4 Shawna Green 2860
  • AP Denine Taylor 2830
  • Reading Intv. Carman Romeo 2840
  • Journalism Natalie Niemeyer 2040

If you are having trouble registering, please send your name, ID #, and the section you wish to register for to and cc me.

If you teach in more than one content area, ask your administrator or curriculum coordinator which you should attend either as an area of leadership or an area of growth.

Request for Texts & Transfer of Materials: SPRING 2020 due 11/15

Any PURCHASE or TRANSFER request for novels for Second semester is due by Nov. 15th.

It seems early but by the time I am able to get quotes back from vendors, a PO request approved, shipment, and our district bar-coding process completed, it takes nearly 4-6 weeks to move materials. Requests for newly purchased materials will not be approved after that time.

Please box up novels you are done with for the fall and have your building textbook manager initiate a transfer back to Central Stores.

Use the form linked below to request a text. This includes textbooks and novels. This will be approved or denied by me based on alignment to curriculum and availability.

Current novel inventory is located in the spreadsheet below. Please consider using texts we already have available in the district prior to initiating a request for new purchases.

NovelSORT Inventory List

Current inventory available in Central Stores. Not all texts we own are currently barcoded. This list is a live document and changes often to check back routinely. Lexile levels are provided as guidance for grade-level selection.

No Red Ink Implementation Year 1

Our goal for monitoring NRI is to see how usage impact student achievement. Prior to October 1st please make sure your students have logged in and taken the diagnostic test. We can then monitor usage against overall student achievement. I appreciate every effort you make trying to integrate this new tool with regularity into your schedule.

Your PLCs must determine what a score-able piece of evidence looks like for grammar. The practice done in NRI is foundational and should not be scored unless to mark complete or incomplete. We will be calibrating across the district around what this score-able evidence looks like.

If you do not have an account, simply go to the "Sign Up" link and create one using your DMPS email. Then select, "Log in with Clever"

If you have student log in issues, please send names and ID #s to Elizabeth Sheridan or directly to Nick Giammaria at NRI

Updated Pacing Document

additional updates will be made to this live document as we complete second semester topics.