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Sedgwick Middle School

Two More Skypes: SJ Kincaid and Stuart Gibbs

There are two more chances for students (and teachers) to Skype with authors. On Tuesday, March 24th, SJ Kincaid will be Skyping with us after school in the library Kincaid is the author of the Insignia Trilogy, and Insignia is a current Nutmeg nominee.

Author Stuart Gibbs will be Skyping with us during 6th grade learning lab on April 9th. Students must sign up in advance and can get special passes from me if in 7th or 8th grade. Seating is limited. I expect this one to be well attended!

Powtoon about Evaluating Information on the Free Web

I am loving POWTOON for creating videos to share with the kids! Below is a video I created to teach kids a strategy for evaluating information they find on the internet! Feel free to show it when you start any kind of web research! Or make PowToon videos of your own! There are cute characters and lots of music choices. Love it!
Evaluating the Free Web Using the 5 W's

Split Names - Add-on for Google Sheets

Have you ever collected student names in a form and then realized you couldn't sort by last name? Now you can split the names into two columns with an add-on called Split Names! Watch the video for a demo!
Separate First And Last Names In Google Sheets