Riley Specht

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business to earn profit. Some key factors in starting your own business are having a desire to be your own boss and developing a good initial plan.

What characteristics does an entrepreneur have?

  • energetic
  • reliable
  • self-confident
  • creative
  • competitive
  • independent
  • goal oriented
  • work hard
  • problem-solving skills
  • learn from failure

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

It takes unique skills and personal characteristics to come up with an idea for a new product. You can any age to become an entrepreneur. It is important to have an understanding of business management and operation. People learn how to run a business if the work in a business or ask people for help and advice. They may study and read about how to run a business on their own time, like while they are in school.
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