The Ririe Report

January 15, 2020

We're Off to a Great Start!

We started the year talking about characteristics of a biography and are now working on a fun, meaningful project. Each student chose (from my collection of books), a person they wanted to research. Their research for this project is based on a biography (no Google searches in class). I made sure I had plenty of books/people for them to choose from, in fact, last week, I had a student ask me if I had a biography about Tesla so I ran to Barnes and Noble after school and got him the book he wanted.

Reading for information is a valuable skill which involves higher order thinking skills, and students are doing a great job developing those important skills. I've given them graphic organizers so they can keep track of the information they want to include in their final product.

The goal is to have this project finished by Friday, but students know that I prefer "quality over quantity", so there will be no problem with students turning in their project the following week.


Some of the events that led to the American Revolution were the spurious Acts or laws that were passed by the British in order to punish or collect money from the Colonists. This week, students have begun to work in "Expert Groups" to research the the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, Quartering Act, and Tea Act (each group one). These expert groups will create a poster and teach their peers about the reasons for the acts and their effects on the Colonies. I'm providing plenty of research material here in class, but have also told the students that they are free to do research at home.

Catch Up Work

Please remember that your child is always welcome to stay after school with me on Tuesday or Wednesday if they need to make up or just finish work. They need to check with me first and I would also need a note from you giving permission and letting me know how they will get home.

Fifth Grade Musical

Esperanza Rising Banquet