Journal Of The Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By Jordan Schaecher

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Favorite Game

Flappy Birds

Flappy Birds is an intense game. If you cannot handle a game that you will get frustrated with, I suggest you don't play it. It could result in you throwing your phone against the wall. The developer is a man named Dong Nguyen. The game works like this, you have a electronic bird and and you keep it from hitting the posts or bars coming from top and bottom. This is a single player app. Go to iTunes and buy it now!

My Auto Biography

My life...

When Jordan grows up she is going to finish high school at Norfolk High.

She participated in varsity volleyball.

She worked at the theater when she was in high school.

She went to college in California for a vet.

She is also going to be a pro-archer.

She is tall and blonde.

Jordan and her husband have two children.

They live in the country in Norfolk.

She opened a vet business.

She loves doing crafty things and she likes doing volleyball.

She will always have the same degree.

Jordan and her family will travel to Cancun, Mexico two times.

Movie Review


Beatrice and every other teenager of age has to pick their calling. When Tris chooses, she figures out a lot not only about herself, but about her society. She finds out that she and some others are Divergent. Tris has to find out why people are so against them, especially the leaders of the society before they come after the Divergents. So during all of this, she meets a really good friend, Four, and they try to figure it out and stop the leaders together. It is up to them to save not only their own lives, but other Divergents. This movie is great and suspenseful. Shailene Woodley as Tris and Theo James, Four, couldn't be better fits for the movie! The movie being 139 minutes long is a great time spent.

PG-13 March 21st

Animal Review

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions are loved by lots of people not only for their beauty but for their importance in nature.

First, Mountain Lions can have up to six kittens at a time. The mothers of the kittens leave when they are about 18-24 months. They can live up to 20 years. The main reason they die is because of overhunting and because of habitat loss.

Second, Mountain Lions rarely attack people. Their number one preys are deer. Mountain Lions are important to nature, but people don't understand this, so they are killing them. Mountain Lions live in the western hemisphere. They have long legs and a small head. Mountain Lions can leap up to forty feet. Mountain lions cannot roar, when you hear them crying out they sound like a person screaming.They can purr like smaller cats do.

To conclude, Mountain Lions are amazing creatures. We need them, if we like it or not, so we should take care of them.

By: Jordan Schaecher

Nursery Rhyme

Humpty Dumpty

It was a normal day in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. The date was July 23,2001.

A big Humpty Dumpty sat on a really steep, blue, brick wall that was ten feet tall.

Humpty Dumpty started back- talking one of the King’s men, named Bill.

Bill went up to Humpty Dumpty and pushed him off the wall.

Humpty went tumbling down to the ground.

All of the King’s men went over to Humpty ,but it was too late.

No one ever messed with Bill again.

Favorite Scary Movie Results

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