What causes malaria?

Malaria is a parasite found in mosquitoes and can only be spread by a mosquito biting you. mosquitoes get the virus through the air and by biting people who are already infected. Once a Mosquito has the virus it can only get rid of it by biting a human.
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Where can Malaria be found?

The parasite that causes malaria can only survive in intense heat, like tropical areas or deserts. malaria is most commonly found in southern Africa. most malaria cases are found in Africa.

organs effected

Malaria effects the liver and the circulatory system. when the parasite gets into your liver it stays there until it is ready to spread to the rest of your body. when the parasites are in the liver they don't effect you, they only stay there to survive. once it is ready to leave it travels through your blood stream effecting your whole body.

How to prevent and treat malaria

To prevent malaria if you are going somewhere where its common, you can spray insecticide in your home and on your body and on your clothes. if you want to be absolutely sure that you don't get malaria you can cover your skin and face. another way to prevent malaria is to sleep underneath a net

symptoms of malaria

some symptoms that result of having malaria are shaking chills, fever, body temperature falls, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. malaria is very deadly if you don't prevent it or treat it you can die very easily


malaria is only found in hot, tropical, and dry climates. it killed an estimated 1 million people last year. it also reported about 3 million cases last year.

similar diseases

a similar disease to malaria is Lyme disease. malaria is similar to Lyme disease because they are both are spread by insects, but Lyme disease is spread by ticks and malaria is spread by mosquitoes. they also both can only survive intense heat.

social conditions

Malaria is especially dangerous to people in Africa. its very dangerous there because they don't have enough money to pay for treatment. also they don't have enough money for bed netting. it is also dangerous because its hot there all year round


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