Treasure Mountain Laptops

Acceptable Use Policy

1: Purpose of Internet Access

The purpose of allowing Internet access to students is to provide a world-class education experience, allowing for communication between students, teachers, and administrators.

2: Internet Safety Policy

This policy is adherent to the 'Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act', PCSD will enact policies and education curriculum to tech children about the dangers of using the internet, and about enacting logical behavior in social media

3: Acceptable Use Guidlines for Internet Access Through the School District

All students and employees shall sign the Acceptable Use Guidelines every year, providing that they will understand and adhere to the Guidelines. The School District has the right to deem Internet use inappropriate at any time.

4: Professional Social Media Use

All uses of Social Media are only deemed appropriate by the guidelines if the use is for strictly professional ends by teachers or students.

5: Prohibited Uses

Accessing or sharing material that advocates or contains: Weapons, bomb making, erotic material, terrorist promotion, Monotheism, Racism, Anti-Semitism, etc...