History Workshop

Spring 2016 - Tuesdays 12:30-1:45 pm - 203 Munroe Hall

Feb 9 - Yuanchong Wang, University of Delaware. "The Myth of Provincialization: Late Imperial China and Korea, 1392–1902"

Feb 16 - John Efron, University of California, Berkeley. “German Jewry and the Allure of the Sephardic”

March 1 - Andrew Case, Washington College. “Where Does Organic Come From? The Unpredictable Past of the Organic Movement in the United States”

March 8 - Yda Schreuder, University of Delaware. "A True Global Community: Amsterdam Sephardic Jewish Merchants in the Trans-Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century"

March 15 - Edward Linenthal, Indiana University, editor, Journal of American History. “Demystifying Publication”

April 5 - Tiffany Gill , University of Delaware. "Civil Rights on Vacation: Black Freedom Struggles and the Problem of Leisure"

April 19 - Oliver Zimmer, University of Oxford. "Adjusting those 'inner clocks': the time of the railway age, 1840 - 1900"

April 26 - Michael Dickinson, University of Delaware. “I am Almost Dead: Seasoning and Sale in British Caribbean Port Cities”

May 3 - Sharon Musher, Stockton University. "Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture"

May 10 - John Gray, Director, National Museum of American History. "Content Trumps Business"

University of Delaware Department of History

The History Workshop meets in 203 Munroe Hall at 12:15 pm on Tuesdays. Presentations begin at 12:30 pm and are followed by discussion ending at 1:45 pm sharp. Bring a lunch. All are welcome! For further information, please call (302) 831-2371.