Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm class (as told by Elm students)

We have a clay and natural materials center.

We fixed our calendar. We made February and all the numbers are correct.

There are 3 birthdays and we will not have school on those days.

We made clay pots.

We are going to a museum next week, on Thursday the 11th we are going to the Museum of Natural History. We will go to the Lenape exhibit.

We had a celebration for November, December, and January birthdays.

One was Mata and she showed us a picture of when she was a baby.

Mark your calendar

No school on Monday, February 8. Enjoy the Lunar New Year.

No school February 13-23. Enjoy the Winter Break.

Making Art with Studio in a School

This week we began our work with Studio in a School. Sara introduced the concept of printmaking to the class. We talked about how printmaking is like a stamp or a copy. Second graders then experimented with paint with various materials to make prints. We will continue to work on printmaking projects with Sara on Mondays.

Elm Class Trip to Museum of Natural History

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 9am-1pm

Central Park West

New York, NY

Next Thursday, February 11th, the class will take a trip to the Museum of Natural History and visit the Hall of Eastern Woodlands Indians. This exhibit will connect directly to our study of Brooklyn 400 years ago. We will observe artifacts and notice the natural materials these people used and how they used them.

Students will also ask new questions about the Lenape people which we can further research in class.

We will leave school around 9:00 and travel on the C train to 81st Street. We plan to be back at Compass by 1:00 for lunch in the cafeteria.

Project Time

During project time, we have enjoyed continuing the creation of our Brooklyn model. We plan to finish the habitats next week!

We have also begun exploring some of the natural materials the Lenape used 400 years ago such as corn husks, leather, feathers, dried grasses, wood and clay. We have been thinking about how these resources were used to help make tools, clothing, weapons and structures.
We will begin to replicate some of these items in the coming weeks!
Our trip to the American Museum of Natural History next week will help us with this research.


This week in reading workshop we talked about the lessons that characters learn in a book. Often, their feelings change over the course of the story and they learn or realize something from their experience.

At home, you can also talk about lessons together.

When discussing a text you can ask, "What did the character realize? What did they learn?".

Think about the book from the start and wonder, "Is this one of those stories that teaches you..." to make a prediction about the lesson in the story.

When you finish a book reread the ending and ask, "How did the trouble get fixed"?

You can also think about connections to real life. Sometimes, we learn lessons through the characters.

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Elm friends have continued to become more comfortable with subtraction strategies while building automaticity with addition facts that help support their number sense.
Next week we will begin to shift our focus to the study of geometry while continuing to practice the problem-solving skills we have spent so much time building in recent weeks.


We have begun to publish our personal narrative stories. Students are making their work ready for a reading audience by fixing up their work and rewriting a story with all their edits and revisions. We hope to publish more than one story in the coming weeks. Students will share our work and learn from one another as we choose another story to publish.

Snowy day fun

We stayed in for yard on Friday and were inspired to create snow drawings and snowflakes together.

February and March Shares

Please talk with your child about a story they would like to share with their class. If they did not sign up for these days, we will be sure they have a chance to share later in March or April.

This is a great opportunity for them to rehearse a story they may want to write as a personal narrative story. The story can focus on one important event in their everyday life.

Then can consider the setting and the characters in their story and tell the big events in the order they happened.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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