future technnolgy

by kieran wathes.

future tech i would like to see in atherstone

There are lots of things that we can expect to see in about ten years time, also known as "the future." From highly technologically advanced simple gadgets like phones and computers to mindbogglingly amazing things like suits that can turn you invisible and internet devices as thin as paper.

There could be holographic three dimensional interface systems that could do millions of tasks at once with only a few swipes of a glass like touchscreen surface.

Special wrist accessories could be made that incorporate internet access and also could be made from materials that have certain qualities like waterproof, touch sensitive, bendable and stretchable. the use of watches in the future would become almost nonexistent due to the fact that as technology advances, the use of clock work and basic mechanisms will be replaced with the kind of things that i have shown and talked about to you here.

my top five things that i would like to see in the future for atherstone.

  1. a giant internet access transmitter that will send out WI-fi (or whatever internet thing we'll have at that time) to every part of our area.
  2. teleporters!
  3. litter patrol robots.
  4. more technologically advanced super-weapons.
  5. better security software for computers.