Friday Memo

May 6, 2016

Strawberry treat for the staff!

We will try to do the strawberry shortcake on Wednesday if the weather will cooperate. We want your berries to be juicy and flavorful.

Substitute Information available!

Please contact Terri if you are continuing your sub assignment in 2016-17, or you are interested in signing up to be a sub for next year!


We want to celebrate our Spotlight on Students nominee this year: Mikey Blystone. Those of you who remember Mikey from her early years will undoubtedly have a tear in your eye as you see that she has worked through the many challenges to become a model student. I wanted to make sure you all knew that she had been selected because she is a perfect example of how things can come together when you love a kid like you have all loved and cared for Mikey. Though sometimes behaviors get in the way of seeing inside a child's heart, those of you who gave of yourselves, in the classroom, hallways, special classes, cafeteria, playground and office, can know that you truly helped change a life forever. There is no doubt in my mind that had she been anywhere other than Willow Springs, she would be a different person today. You can celebrate this Spotlight right along with her! Thank you all!

Staff Meeting is Wednesday at 8

We will be voting on the SIP plan and reviewing EVAAS, so please don't forget the change in date.

Kindergarten Orientation is Thursday, May 12

Parents will check in at the front of the school and will be directed to go to the cafe until after announcements. We will send parents down the Kindergarten hall right after announcements, when the current K students will be going to the gym. Parents will return to the cafeteria by 9:40 where we will start the presentation. If you see parents who need assistance, please direct them accordingly. Please do not use the lobby bathrooms as a whole class during this time to reduce traffic and noise. We expect the orientation to be over and cleared out by 10:40.


We will be sending yearbooks home with those who pre-purchased them on May 23. They will go on sale on May 31 for tracks 1,3 and 4.

Track 2 will receive their yearbooks the week of June 6 and will go on sale on June 13. (Terrie will save a fair amount for track 3.)

There will not be any 'holds' this year without payment ;)

Teacher of the Year Celebration - Wednesday

This year we honor Amber Williams as our Teacher of the Year. Amber works tirelessly with our students who need extra help and she never fails to support teachers who work so hard for these students as well. With such a positive and caring affect, Amber helps students see what they can become, and gives them the tools to make those improvements. Thank you, Amber, for having such an incredible work ethic and for caring so much about so many!