FFC IP News March 16, 2016

Any Questions?

Lots Going On Here at the FFC and Beyond!

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Think Time Awareness Day

Walkthroughs were a breeze this time as we all focused on one FLCN goal of TT1 and TT2. Our data shows that we are taking this goal seriously and making major efforts to bring questioning to the forefront of our classrooms. When students are challenged to think, and given time to do so as they are prompted with tough questions, those internal debates take place and amazing things happen! We visited many rooms throughout the day, and collected some usable data.
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What's This? (down below)

Mitchell's classes spent the period in the Falcons' Nest researching characters from the Russian Revolution via QR codes. Laminated photos were posted around the room and students scanned them in order to identify them and research their roles. This lesson correlates with what students will be reading in their English classes (Animal Farm). Relevance and engagement! Everyone wins! Watch the video...you won't be Tsarry!

Like this video? Ask Mitchell how he did it.

Mitchell's Video

On the IP Radar...stay with me!

  • Thursdays I will have Chromebooks available for you to fiddle with.
  • Our book study this last nine weeks for DDPD will be Jackie Walsh's Questioning for Classroom Discussion.
  • RTI meeting Tuesday
  • Data/PD day Friday, March 25th
  • Data Notebooks (meetings and times TBA)
  • Academic leaders...we will be testing out the 4th benchmarks on the iPads soon.
  • Please send me reminders for your collaborative departmental meetings. I want to be there!
  • Appy Hour's the week after spring break.
  • SREB with Bolton and Bailey April 21st
  • Instructional Rounds with Dalrymple and Marris at Columbia High School April 26.
  • Performance Series April 14-19 and ASPIRE April 26-28 (probably).
  • Closing Institute May 27
  • Google Summit HERE AT FHS!! June 2-3

APPY HOUR for the FFC and FHS in the FHS science wing on April 7th!

Data Notebooks...not just for the big kids!

Amy Donnelly, the IP at Weeden Elementary is incredible, and last Friday she invited me to their data notebook meetings. As I was sitting with a table of second graders talking about data, my heart began to melt. These kids were flipping through their notebooks explaining to me the data that made them the most proud, and how they set their goals. They didn't use any jargon or buzzwords, and they really understood what they were doing. I was so mesmerized, I forgot to take pictures...I became twitilliterate. These second graders were explaining how graphing their grades encouraged them to set goals and try harder. These young'uns will be walking through our doors before we know it, and Weeden is working hard to prepare them. When I told this little guy that I taught at the FFC, his eyes lit up and he told me to tell his sister, Alicia Hawkins, hi. We had to take a selfie.

I think it would be powerful for us to take a trip or two to Weeden to observe what's going on. The years from 2nd to 9th grade are not many, and sometimes it's important to look at who our kids were not that long ago, and at what will be coming to see us soon. Who's with me?

Thanks, Mr. Ball!

Mr. Ball and his students put up with me in the shop as they helped build our EdCamp cabin! Thanks a ton!

Students pictured are the ones who gave their Saturday to act as ambassadors for EdCamp.