Make Happy Get Happy

Gaige Kaser

When you make people happy it reflects on you, If you help someone they'll help you if you make someone happy you'll be happy.


Mom: My Mother always helped me and backed me up, she would back me up in a fight and i would back her up in a fight we got each others backs (But who wouldn't back there Mom up in a fight?!)

Josh: Josh makes me laugh and he's a positive person to be around, Josh is a example of the few people that make me actually laugh.


Most of the things that happen in my life happen at school or inside my home, Most of the reason is because that's where I am most of the time.


Most of the events that happen in my life happen at school or at home I learned how to talk at home then I started talking to people at school. That lead to me making friends and at home I could make friends with people over the amazing fantastic internet and I started to say things and people laughed when they laughed I would laugh and I started to make more friends and be a overall more happy and bright person. So when i made people happy I would get happy.

Turning Point

I realized that if you make people happy that you'll be happy around 5th grade because when I started laughing more and being more social I would be more happy and other people seemed more happy.
One Direction - Best Song Ever
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