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Keller Elementary School

December 1, 2014

Mission Statement

The mission of Helen Keller Elementary School is to establish and maintain an educational community that empowers all students to become principled, independent inquirers who are socially responsible global citizens.

WKBS -- Keller Daily Broadcast

Our daily news highlights school achievement and IB news!

KUDOS to Sue DeWolfe and SILT

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Sue DeWolfe and the members of SILT (Val Ault, Kara Daunt, Amy Liefer, Lynne Laurinec, Kelly Stanesa, and Kathleen Strong) for all the hours and hard work they put into submitting the self evaluation for our IB re-authorization!!

Being Internationally Minded


The State of Michigan has released information about M-STEP. M-STEP is the new standardized test that will replace the MEAP. More information can be viewed at the following link:

Hour of Code

Remember to mark your calendar for December 8-14. Please encourage your

students to participate in “The Hour of Code." The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Students can learn and practice writing code through games and other activities. This is open for all ages. Please visit the following website for more details:

K-5 Typing Program

The District's typing program will be shared at the next Staff PD meeting. To preview these presentations please click on the following links: (Powerpoint) (Teacher Resources) (Student tags)

Math Expressions

The Math Expressions Consultants have created a link with valuable information for teachers. This is an excellent resource with writing prompts, Common Core State Standards, assessments and math routines. Check it out!

All City Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 6pm

1500 Lexington Blvd

Royal Oak, MI

The concert will be held in the gymnasium.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 4pm

1505 N Campbell Rd

Royal Oak, MI

Remember that dinner will be provided by the PTA in the Staff Lounge.

Will Your School Rule? Contest

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Do you want access to free and easy newsletter creation? If the answer is yes........

Check it out:


Positive Behavior Intervention System

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Essential Agreements

*We are respectful

*We are safe and in control

*We are responsible learners

Keller Creed

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me too.

I came to school to learn and I will learn.

I will have a good day.

Learner Profile Highlights

Don’t forget that the highlighted monthly learner profile and weekly behavior focus is on the Google calendar (every Sunday).