Come and check it out!

half-bloods only. no mortals allowed.

Halloween party!

Halloween party at the sound! This years theme is Sea life! yep you guested it! this year the Posidien cabin is hosting. (thanks to Percy, who insested it be My little Mermaid but we settled on Sea life. thank gods.) We will be on the island in the sound, so take a boat!   Dress up!!!!

Spook Sound

Friday, Oct. 31st, 6pm

Block Island Sound, Narragansett, NY, United States

Take a boat to the Block island! Dress up for halloween and have a few scares! Ares campers please don't bring the zombies this year! we will have blue cake (thanks to Percy. again.), cookies (some are blue), pizza (some are blue as well), hamburgers, soda!P.S bring a pair of fighting clothes. we will have capture the flag! 

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What happens...

6:00-8:00- movies, food and drinks.   8:00-9:00- capture the flag with ms.o, leary and the hydra!       9:00-10:00- Have a scare walk around the island.   10:00-12:00- music and contests!!

Watch the fire!!

On one half of the island the hephanes campers have something in store. Creepy-crawlies and automatons come back to life and have a mission to scare!    Happens at midnight!    Watch your back! Festus has lose his mind once again but so has Leo! watch out!